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Volunteer Spotlight: Natasha Strength
About Ride for a Child

Ride for a Child (RFAC) is Candlelighters biggest, and longest running fundraiser. The cyclists who ride and fundraise are a super-dedicated group of volunteers. In this case, volunteering means miles of training to prepare for the weeklong Cycle Oregon Classic ride that covers about 400 miles – while sleeping in tents. Now that’s dedication! It’s heartwarming to see the group grow through generations of riders.

Natasha Strength, a longtime RFAC rider, tells us how she got started, and what she’s looking forward to in RFAC 2023:

Q: How long have you been cycling? How long with RFAC?
10 years! I started riding and training with RFAC 10 years ago when I signed up for Cycle Oregon as a bucket list item but quickly realized I need a community to help me train.

Q. What got you interested in RFAC?
The community and the cause. It’s great to have training rides mapped out, encouragement at every level, and a group of rides to ride with for the week.

Q. What has been your favorite thing re. RFAC? What’s been challenging?
The party every night! The encouragement and support from other RFAC members.
What’s been challenging? Being away from my daughter for a week.

Q. How do you train?
I do a mid week and weekend ride outside. I supplement with my Pelaton two days a week or a strength training class.

Q .Do you have a favorite place to ride?
I love the open road, with no cars, on a crisp summer morning!

Q. What are you most looking forward to about this year’s ride?
The mix of wine country and coastal vibes. I also like that it will be close enough to a hotel! 😉

Are you interested in joining Ride for a Child as a rider or sponsor? Check out the RFAC website here.


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