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The Larsens’ Story of Hope
The Larsen Family

“When you have a story of hope, there’s an obligation to share it with others.”

Luke, Lewis’s dad

Those who are lucky enough to meet Lewis know he has a smile that lights up every room and every heart. At just three months old, Lewis was diagnosed with hormone deficiencies, and at 10 months during a follow up appointment, they discovered a rare brain tumor known as Craniopharyngioma, the cause of the hormone deficiencies and also, pediatric cancer.

For the Larsens, Emergency Financial Assistance was “super helpful” when Rachel had to pull back from her business to care for Lewis. While the aid helped, it was the community through Candlelighters that offered a deeper sense of support. For Rachel it was a chance encounter with a fundraiser wearing a Candlelighters Ride for a Child jersey. For Luke, it was a trip to our Fall Harvest at Frog Pond Farm and free passes to OMSI. To put it simply, the Candlelighters community gave them hope. Today, we can all celebrate because, as Lewis says, “My tumor is out! So is my port!”

“We had peace of mind knowing Candlelighters was out there taking care of us and existing for families going through the same.”

– Rachel, Lewis’s mom

Today, Lewis is cancer free! There are still many unknowns for Lewis’s journey with pediatric cancer. But for now, the Larsens are “living in the moment” and so grateful for the gift of community and hope Candlelighters brings to families like theirs. Whether you are a Candlelighters family or  supporter, you’re part of Lewis’s story. By attending support groups, family activities, mentoring other families, wearing a Candlelighters t-shirt, volunteering, participating in a fundraiser, and donating to Candlelighters, you are building a community that cares for one another in the hardest of circumstances. A community that takes care of kids just like Lewis. A community that believes in stories of hope.