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Girl Scouts Make a Sweet Donation

Two weeks ago, Girl Scout Troop 41125 arrived at Candlelighters offices. It took a bit to unload cars, and several trips parading through the hallway with wagons stacked high with lemon-ups, trefoils, tagalongs, do-si-dos and toffee-tastics. Eventually, a mountain of cookies – 700 boxes in all – stood tall and neatly stacked, ready to keep Candlelighters families knee deep in sweet cookie goodness for the foreseeable future.

It started when two grade-school friends, Heaven and Caitlin realized that both of their families had experienced childhood cancer. Heaven and Caitlin got to talking and Heaven, who has faced childhood cancer herself, realized her friend’s brother, Seamus, had cancer as well. The next couple of years involved play dates, a family camp adventure, and both Seamus and Heaven being “Honored Children” in Ride for a Child. So when Caitlin’s troop,  @girlscoutsww troop 41125 decided to donate to a nonprofit, they chose Candlelighters. That is how Candlelighters magic works – to connect families, and to come full circle 🍪 with 700 boxes of cookies delivered to our office! Families enjoyed delicious at last weekend’s Family Day and guess what? We have quite a bit left for upcoming activities like Family movie night on May 3 and Mom’s Tea on May 11. Thank you, Troop 41125!