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Elias the Thankful One-Armed Chef

Elias and his family are extremely grateful for the Candy Cane Lane gifts during this past holiday season.

Erica, Elias’s mom shared, “I cannot express how truly grateful we are for the incredible Christmas gifts we received this year. It is with the utmost sincerity and deepest apology that I am finally able to convey our gratitude. The generosity and thoughtfulness behind each gift touched our hearts in ways that words cannot fully capture. The tools Elias received for his kitchen endeavors were absolutely perfect. The cutting board and chopper have already proven to be invaluable, and Elias is eager to share his culinary journey as a one-armed chef through sharing his story and documenting his . We look forward to sharing his progress and inspire others in similar situations.”

Elias and Paul Garcia
In keeping with Candlelighters mission to serve the whole family, gifts for siblings are just as important, and Elias’s brother Lazaraus (14) was happy about that. Says Erica,  “Additionally, the gifts for Lazarus were beyond our expectations. The quality and thought put into each item were evident, and we truly appreciate every gesture. Candlelighters, we cannot thank you enough for being our angels this year. Once again, our apologies for the delay in expressing our gratitude. We are forever thankful for your kindness and support.”

12 year old Elias was diagnosed with bone cancer in February of 2022. His family also enjoyed time together at Candlelighters Family Camp.

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