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“Sharing the love for my mom” – Nicole & Emme

Emme (right) is part of our Luminaries youth leaders, a volunteer and advocate for Candlelighters and brain cancer awareness. She was diagnosed with Medullablastoma in 2009. Here, she shares about the special bond she has with her mom, Nicole.

Q: What caregiver has shown love to you or your family?

My mom, Nicole. She takes really good care of me.

Q: Describe how she helped you.

My Mom has always been there for me at every appointment and every hospital stay for all my surgeries. She makes me laugh because she’s so funny and does lots of fun crafts with me. My Mom pushes my wheelchair and we go on adventures doing fun things together. Whenever I am afraid or worried about things she helps me get through it and helps me feel better. She helps me stay strong and brave. Shes my best friend forever.

Q: What do you want others to know about them?

My Mom has cancer right now but she will be ok. I give her all my tips on getting through treatment. I want everyone to know she is strong and a one of a kind mom.

You can learn more about Emme in this video she and some other Luminaries leaders created to share what got them through cancer treatment.

Share the love all February! Tell us about someone that has made an impact in your journey with childhood cancer here.