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Samantha’s Update: “More than I ever expected”
Samantha and her parents
Samantha’s Update: “More than I ever expected”

It turns out, Samantha’s first year has been even better than she imagined. Heading into the last half of the school year, we were curious how the 2022-2023 Scholarship Awardees were feeling about their academic year so far. We caught up with Samantha, one of three Candlelighters Scholarship recipients and childhood cancer survivor. She shared some hopeful and wise words.


Q: Overall, how has this year been for you? Has it met your expectations? 


A: This year has already been so great, I love Washington State University more than I ever expected. I have kept a 4.0 while also having fun and making so many friends. The community I have found here has been amazing.


Q: Do you feel the challenges you faced in childhood cancer have given you a different perspective on the current challenges our society is facing? If so, how?         


A: I definitely think that the challenges I faced in my childhood due to cancer has given me the perspective that as a society we can get through environmental, political, and other difficulties that we face. The technology and cooperation that it took to get me through my ailment is a reflection of this. If the world can come together to cure cancer, we can tackle anything.


Q:. What have you learned this Fall that you think will stick with you the most? 


A: The biggest thing that I have learned this fall is how important it is to surround yourself with supportive people that make you happy. I could not have made it through this semester without my girlfriends that I have made here, they make this experience everything that it is.


Q: Do you have any advice for high school students entering college next year? 


A: The advice I have for high schoolers going into college is to be patient with the process, and although it seems overwhelming, the steps getting to college are spread out and worth taking. Also don’t let the stress of being college bound consume your senior year, have fun and be present.


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