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Salena Griffith
The Holidays around Candlelighters this year looked a little different. Our usual in-person events manifested in different ways to keep families safe. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is the sight of Salena unloading present after beautifully wrapped present for Candy Cane Lane.
Here’s how Salena became a Candlelighter, told by the present lady herself:
“Hi! I’m Salena Griffith. I’m a mom to a 7 year old boy, a wife, and own a small farm. I’m also a travel enthusiast, a real estate investor and Mrs. Oregon American 2020.  As a realtor for the last 13 years. I have come across and fell in love with a lot of charities and organizations; Candlelighters being one of them.”
How did you get involved with Candlelighters?
I started volunteering and sponsoring families over five years ago. The sponsorship has grown from just a few families to now over 35 families from multiple organizations.
What’s your favorite Candlelighters Event?
Harvest of Hope is my favorite event of the year. It’s beautiful, its fun, and I am very competitive with my silent and live auction bidding.
What made you connect with Candlelighters? 
I fell in love with candlelighters and their mission because after volunteering in the hospitals and seeing those little heroes fighting big battles, I knew they couldn’t do it alone. If I were in those parents shoes, I would want and need the support that Candlelighters gives.
What are you excited about accomplishing next?
As I head to compete at Mrs. America in January, I am excited to bring my platform and organization “For the Good of Giving” to a national level. I am using my voice to encourage others to give back to their community and organizations they are passionate in. I hope to continue finding sponsors, donors and volunteers to help candlighters families for many years to come.

Donor Spotlight

First Republic and Jeff Yandle

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