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Partner Spotlight: Don Jones of John L. Scott
We know that Don Jones of John L Scott Real Estate has been a rider and that John L Scott has been a  sponsor of Ride for a Child for years. But we wanted to learn more about the how and why he chose to give to Ride for a Child…Here’s his story.
Q How did you get involved in RFAC? 
 I’ve been a real estate broker since 1978 and got to know Dick Hartung through my business (Dick was a homebuilder under the name LHL Homes). When Dick got the idea to fundraise as a tribute to his daughter Jill, who succumbed to childhood cancer, I joined in the next year, or possibly the 3rd year. We lost our first baby at birth from a cancer matter in utero so we were already sensitized to the cause.
Q How many years have you ridden? Do you still ride, and if so, is it with family, friends?
I started riding bicycles (again, for the first time since I had my driver’s license when I was 16!) in 1999 when I was intrigued by Cycle Oregon’s bicycling route in the Wallowa mountains region and bought a bike to train for it that summer. Suzy and I do ride regularly but we’re fair weather riders so during the wet and cold months we’re relegated to the indoor trainer. Mostly I ride with Suzy, but also solo and sometimes with a friend of mine. I’m doing Bike Ride N.W.’s week-long tour with my brother Mark towards the end of August this year. 
Q How is did John L Scott involved, how long have they been sponsoring Ride for a Child?
How does RFAC fit with their mission?
I’ve been with JLS for many years and I reached out to them to request their sponsorship. It does fit well with their “JLS Foundation” which raises money for children’s health issues, notably Doernbacher Hospital.
Q What do you most like about RFAC’s mission as a rider?
Anything that results in contributions to this worthwhile charity is fine with me. I don’t personally reach out to individual friends/associates for contributions; we self-fund so to speak but for many, even most, riders that’s their only realistic avenue to generating funds. It works, obviously! 
Q What is one of your favorite memories during your involvement with RFAC?
Dick Hartung has always been an inspirational person, to my perception. Having lost a child at his girl’s age of about 10 (I think) is inconceivably devasting and I admire his focus and strength to be able to turn that into a difference-making tribute to Jill. I’ve been proud to be associated with a cause so worthwhile. 
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