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We talked with David Leslie, 2020 and 2021 Ride for a Child Chair about his family and family business, Norlift’s long standing involvement in Ride for a Child.
Q. How and when did Norlift get involved in RFAC? 
Norlift got involved thru Dick Hartung, founder of Ride for a Child. Norlift sponsored Dick’s ride, and then in 2005 my dad rode on the RFAC team as it was germinating and growing. Dick is my dad’s cousin. 

Q. Who is the longest running Leslie/Norlift rider and how many years have they ridden? 
Tom is the longest running Leslie on the RFAC team. He has been doing it since 2005 I believe.
Q. How does RFAC fit with Norlift’s mission or culture?
Norlift looks to give back to great causes in the Northwest. Candlelighters and United Way Charity are our top two.
Q. What do you most like about RFAC’s mission as a rider?
Supporting children who are at a crossroads in their life. Being able to support them and give them a voice on their fight against cancer.
Q. What is one of your favorite memories during your involvement with RFAC? 
Riding into La Pine and seeing (previous Honored Child) Matthew Stone ride in with Dick. If you don’t cry seeing that moment, you aren’t human.

Q. You have helped design the jerseys for RFAC – how long have you been doing this, and what’s your process?

Yes, Bryan my brother is head designer and I’m his producer. We have been designing them since 2018. The process and idea of designing them is how we can make them work with different years and kits we have done in the past. The goal is to have recognizable RFAC brand kit.  While giving each year its own flavor.