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Meet Xavier

9 year old Xavier’s superhero name would be aquaman, because he loves the ocean. He also loves camping, video games (fortnite and roblox) , and avatar. Xavier recently lost his family’s dog, and looks forward to getting two kittens soon. He has 6 sisters! He looks up to his mom and dad and sisters, because they are good to him. Seeing old and new friends is his favorite part of Candlelighters Family Camp, and his favorite Candlelighters activity ever is a bowling outing. Xavier was diagnosed with Wilm’s Tumor, a type of kidney cancer that has also spread to his lungs. Xavier is an honored child this year at in Ride for a Child.

His mom Claudia says

“We had just moved here to the pnw, we didn’t have family. We were scared in pain. Lost, speechless. Candlelighters became our family became a comforting blanket.”

Her advice to other parent s who have a child facing cancer?

“Breath… now I can see that is true. Nothing I can say will ease the shock. But if you believe pray don’t give up and fight.”

See #Team Xavier here. You can also watch his family’s story here.