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Meet a Familiar Face: Genevieve
Her sweet face is all over our Childhood Cancer Awareness page. Get to know Genevieve.
We first met Genevieve after she was diagnosed with Pre-B ALL (Leukemia) in December of 2013. During her hospital treatment, brownies were her favorite treat from the Candlelighters Snack Cart. She loved swimming and ziplining at Family Camp. She was an Honored Child for Ride for a Child 2019. Her all-time favorite? Pumpkin Patch visits with other Candlelighters families. In February of 2016 Genevieve finished cancer treatment. Now she is a talented artist about to start 7th grade. This year, 7 years after we first met, she and her family were part of 2021 Camp Outside the Box.
During childhood cancer, familiar faces are a respite from loneliness. That split second of recognition when our brain says “aha! someone I know that can relate!” are moments built over years of touchpoints.  Those are the moments Candlelighters seeks to encourage, again and again. And the beauty of community is that Genevieve’s story will provide comfort to another family along the way. Here’s to a strong community filled with familiar faces!
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