David Leslie

In 2019, when David signed on to chair this year’s Ride for a Child committee, his expectations were to lead†an event that he had participated in for 5 years. But 2020 had different plans, and David had his work cut out for him as the usual cycling event across Oregon was cancelled. As we transitioned into†an online pledge event instead, David’s easygoing and clear-headed approach turned out to be just what the team needed to accomplish our goals of fundraising and keeping riders engaged.

How did you get involved with Candlelighters?
I got involved in 2015 riding for Candlelighters through my family. My two brothers, father, uncles, aunt, and cousins had done it and I wanted to be part of it all.
What is it about Candlelighters mission that you connect with†in particular?
I connect with the community Candlelighters provides for the kids and their family. I believe their mission promotes a positive and optimistic experience for everyone it touches. I am proud to be part of a community that is essential to the process of Childhood cancer. It takes a community to provide support for childhood cancer.
What’s been your favorite event/experience so far w/Candlelighters?
My favorite experience is the day when the children join us on the Ride. I love doing the ride out and then having dinner with the family and really connect with them. I think itís a great way we bring the child and families into the fold on the ride and show the CO community why we do what we do.
What are you most excited about doing next?
Iím excited to get back to Cycle Oregon and have the Pledge It site coexist. I want to be able to ensure Ride for a Child has the longevity and momentum to keep going for many more rides.