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Central Oregon Chair, Kimberly Banner


“I first learned about Candlelighters in 2014, when my daughter was diagnosed with AML at the age of 10. We stayed at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital throughout her treatment and met some of the Candlelighters staff when they served dinner or stocked the food pantry. It was so great to learn that there were organizations out there that could help families like mine.

I became a Chapter Lead in February of 2020. The Candlelighters activities have been something that my children and I have really enjoyed since my daughter finished her treatment. To be able to interact and talk with other families that had gone through similar things was so helpful. They were the people that I felt could truly understand what we had been through. There were families at the activities that were at all different stages of the process, so I was able to ask questions and get a better understanding of what was to come. That is why when I was asked to be a Chapter Lead, I said yes. I want everyone to be able to feel the same love and support that we were able to feel when we needed it the most. Candlelighters is so much more than just financial help when you might need it. It is a strong support system that can help on so many levels, which is what I love. I look forward to the day that we can all meet in person and have fun creating more memories. Our Central Oregon area was without a Chapter Lead for a bit and I want to get us back up and running. I am looking forward to meeting more of you in person and supporting you in any way I can.”

Donor Spotlight

First Republic and Jeff Yandle

Jeff (pictured at Ride For a Child 2019, far right) serves as Treasurer on the Candlelighters Executive Board, and Sr. Director of Wealth Management at First Republic Bank. It will be his 10th year riding for Ride for a Child - that's dedication! Thank you Jeff, and...