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Catching Up with Scholarship Recipient Cameron Caldwell

Cameron Caldwell is an Osteosarcoma Survivor in his junior year in Bio-Health science at Oregon Institute of Technology in Southern Oregon. He’s one of 3 recepients of a Candlelighters Scholarship for 2021/2022. When he applied for the scholarship, he told us he hopes to become a practicing oncologist. Now that he’s halfway through the year, we checked in to see how things were going for this busy young man, and if his goals had changed.

Q.How has this year been going for you? Any highlights academically or personally?

A. This has been one of the most challenging yet influential years academically. I am enrolled in an Organic chemistry class along with Anatomy and physiology with other electives. Although it has been hard it has taught me just how much I can handle. Even while taking the two hardest classes I have ever taken together, I have still been able to keep A’s. One highlight was getting 100% on both my organic chemistry final and my anatomy lab final! Another highlight has been learning all this new interesting material that I can relate to my experiences in the hospital.

Q. Are you still planning on pursuing a medical degree focused on Oncology? Any updates to interests/specialties?

A. I am still planning on pursuing Oncology, the more I learn about the medical field the stronger my drive gets to learn more. Lately I have been extremely interested in endocrinology and how powerful our hormones can be. I could see this as a second choice or maybe specializing in endocrine cancers.

Q. I know you keep very busy working and volunteering! Any new pursuits on that front?

A. One of the most joyful experiences I have had lately was being able to tour the new patient pavilion being built at the Asante hospital in Medford Oregon. Before the construction started, in 2019, I helped raise $1.7 million dollars at an Oregon Wine Experience fundraiser in which proceeds helped pay for this building. On October 29th of 2021 they let me climb the crane that overlooked the city of Medford and place a plaque with my name on the foundation of the building. It was rewarding to see the result of the work that I have put in.

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