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Candlelighters Scholarships: Update from Anna
Anna Seely

In 1996, Candlelighters For Children With Cancer established the Candlelighters Continuing Education Scholarship Program for childhood cancer survivors to help families offset medical bills after years of treatment, follow up appointments, and on-going medical issues. We’re checking in with our 3 2021/2022 Candlelighters Scholarship Winners to see how their year has been so far.

First up is Anna Seely, who is starting her first year at Ganzaga University in Spokane, WA.

Q. How have you settled in to your first year at college? Any highlights?
Is it what you expected? Or different? How so?
A. So far college has been great and I would love to share some updates! Settling into college was definitely challenging at first, but as the semester is coming to an end, I have gotten into a routine and have finally adjusted. I have met so many new people, and have a great group of new friends. It is pretty similar to what I expected, but being away from home and having to be more independent have been a little difficult. However, it is so much fun and I absolutely love the Gonzaga community and atmosphere!

Q. Are your plans still to study nursing?
A. My plans are to continue in the nursing program and I cannot wait to be in more nursing classes, and start to be more hands on.

Q. In what ways, if any, do you feel being a cancer survivor has affected your college experience so far?
A.  As far as adjusting to college as a cancer survivor, it has not been too difficult. Very few people knew my story before meeting me, so it took quite a few people by surprise when I did feel comfortable to tell them my story. It has been amazing to educate more people about childhood cancer, and the amazing organizations, like Candlelighters, that help kids going through cancer. Overall, I am so thankful that my freshman year has been pretty normal, and that I have gotten to experience a ton of new things! 
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