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On August 29, for the second year running, we held Camp Outside the Box, a virtual scavenger hunt where families create, find, build and LAUGH together to try to beat the clock and complete the list of camp-related tasks before other families do. 30 teams/families participated in the 26 missions, with over 510 individual submissions throughout the 6 hour event. Phew! Congrats to the 12 energetic and creative families who completed all 26 missions:

  • Abdelmoaty Family
  • Berry Family
  • Brooks-Gifford Super Stars
  • Clifton Renegades
  • Duncan Squad 8
  • Ruch Family
  • Smith Family
  • Stauffer Family
  • Team Impossible
  • Thull-Dunlap Brood
  • Unboxed Kroekers
  • Watkins Twin Flowers Family

Every single family contributed their own unique perspective and added to the crazy fun! It was truly a wonderful way to spend the day; seeing friendly faces, furry friends, messy kitchens, favorite stuffed animals, hidden talents Some favorite “missions” were: create an instructional video of how to set up a tent (with whatever you have on hand), recreate camp sounds, dance like nobody is watching, and one of our personal favorites – video, draw or write something nice about another team’s picture or video. We’ll have official votes on family favorite nominations and a link to the event photo/video album soon!

For now, check out the photos from the “family portrait” submissions.