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RFAC Honored Child 2009: Michael Bruhn

In 2009, our Southern Oregon Chapter Lead Kimberly Bruhn’s son Michael was an honored child for Ride For A Child. With the 2021 RFAC around the corner, and Michael’s memory always in our hearts, we wanted to share Kimberly’s words. “Even though most of his adolescence was engulfed with fighting childhood leukemia (from ages 11 through 17) he tried to keep his life as normal as possible, and we encouraged it (as did his doctors). He played baseball, basketball, football and had a bicycle paper route (although sometimes his siblings had to help). Eventually, after the first relapse, he had to give up team sports for fear of not making the games and practices. Because most of his relapse protocol involved in-hospital treatments….he reluctantly decided to give his dad’s/grandpa’s golf a serious try. Hmmm….that old man’s sport was a good choice because he had what’s called a “natural swing” and despite all the multiple kinds of chemo, full-body radiation and general ick from cancer, he excelled at golf. His greatest wish was to live. When that became impossible to achieve, he wanted to be remembered…and for folks to help others in his memory.” Sign up to get the news about #RFAC2021: